None Port orientated lectures, for those multiple sea days ……...

Great Feats of Engineering...…


1. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

2. The Suez Canal [The History, the Building, Transit] **

3. The Panama Canal [The History, the Building, Transit]**

4. Concorde, the rise and demise of the worlds only   supersonic airliner to enter scheduled service.

** Bridge Commentary on both done many times. 

London England …….. 

1.The Palace of Westminster.[The Houses of Parliament]

2. The City of London, The Square Mile.

3. Buckingham Palace.


4. Windsor Castle.


5. Hampton Court.

Various Entertaining Subjects …….

1. Fifty Places to see before you stop cruising.

2. Fifty Places to visit in Gt Britain [East bound Atlantics]

3. The Imperial City of St Petersburg.

4. The Treasures of the Egyptian Nile Delta.

5. Treasures of Southern Egypt, Luxor & Valley of the Kings

6. Sixty Favourite World Landmarks.