Martyn Green

Cruise Ship Destination and Enrichment Lecturer

A little about me....



I have had an interest in Geography since schooldays, and a passion for travel for over fifty years, visiting approximately one hundred and fifty countries whilst serving in the Royal Air Force, working with British Airways and on vacations.

         I have been giving Enrichment & Destination Lectures on cruise ships for nearly twenty years. My passion for travel, plus time spent as a radio announcer/presenter, and years as a ‘Master of Ceremonies’ has given me the experience, expertise and knowledge for my richly illustrated presentations.

        For my work within the Frozen Food Industry I was made a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management in 1992.

        As a member of the International Press Association, Photographer & Travel Writer I sought an audience for my worldwide collection of photographs. In 2000 I gave a destination presentation to a cruise company and have been lecturing ever since.

        Destination & Enrichment Lecturing came naturally, and, during the past seventeen years I have lectured for most of the world’s top cruise companies, sailed on around fifty cruise ships, on some over a dozen times. I have done four full world cruises, giving 40+ lectures on each of them, and done one or two sectors on several other world cruises. 

         I still get a ‘buzz’ when an interesting cruise itinerary is offered, and I am always ready for a new challenge.

       Please take time to look at my World Wide Gallery, each presentation has over 100 photographs of a similar standard.